Newpark’s approach for clients is simple, and delivers the

expertise and service that you require.

Whether your objectives require comprehensive Wealth Management services – or simply a goal driven investment strategy – Newpark has the experience and resources your family needs.


Financial Planning is an ongoing series of best guesses and course refinements – not a one time event.

The process starts with a conversation, and results in a personalized, date-specific, and dollar-specific strategy, that helps you reach your goals.

Newpark’s PEER™ Wealth Management Process enables clients to make wise decisions in the areas of; Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Transfer, Wealth Protection and Charitable Planning.

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Your greatest risk in retirement is not a loss of principal in your account – it is unequivocally your loss of spending power caused by inflation.

In your 30 year retirement, it is forecast that inflation will increase your cost of living by 250%. For this reason, implementing a Financial Plan, in which your retirement income rises faster than the cost of inflation should be your top priority.

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Smart planning begins with effective and timely strategies.

Tax mitigation and Estate Planning strategies, for now and in the future, are key factors for our client’s enhancing their wealth. These plans are reevaluated regularly to ensure that they are up to date as laws or client circumstances change.

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All successful investing is goal-oriented, and is therefore planning driven.

Fundamentally, investments exist – for the sole purpose of funding a plan that helps you reach your goals.

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