Your greatest risk in retirement is not a loss of principal in your account – it is unequivocally your loss of spending power caused by inflation.

In your 30 year retirement, it is forecast that inflation will increase your cost of living by 250%. For this reason, implementing a Financial Plan, in which your retirement income rises faster than the cost of inflation should be your top priority.

Your Retirement Income is a complex undertaking.
Newpark’s process addresses inflation, spending needs and income sources,
maximizing Social Security, managing increasing health care costs, and handling
unexpected expenses – all factors that have a substantial impact on your retirement


As you move into and through retirement, Newpark helps you manage the transition to
ensure that you are on track to meet your spending needs while maintaining your


Topics that Newpark will advise you on:

  • When and how to claim your Social Security benefits
  • Deadlines and options for Medicare
  • Your required minimum distributions (RMD)
  • Your need for Long-term Care Insurance
  • Elder care options

Please contact us to learn how we can help with your specific retirement income planning questions.