All successful investing is goal-oriented, and is therefore planning driven.

Fundamentally, investments exist – for the sole purpose of funding a plan that helps you reach your goals.

TERM Investment Process™


The TERM Investment Process™ was developed and refined by Newpark Wealth Management. The rules-based process is designed to be low-cost, efficient and more sophisticated than many other advisors offer.

While rooted in extensive research, TERM™ is forward-thinking and innovative.

The TERM Investment Process™ employs a disciplined, rules-based methodology seeking to systematically observe Capital Markets. TERM™ does not attempt to predict future market movement, rather it follows the basic economic principles of Supply and Demand.

The TERM™ process is highly customizable and investments are personalized to your individual financial goals, time horizon and tax circumstances.




Newpark Wealth Management contracts a team of experts to work on your behalf.

Investment managers, equity and fixed-income analysts, and economic specialists review Capital Markets for performance opportunities and potential risks, before implementing the right investment approach for you.


How am I Doing?


Comprehensive reporting is an important part of the Wealth Management process, because as a client you should never have to wonder: “How am I doing?”

Newpark provides best in class technology allowing our clients to see their financial picture clearly at all times. Our reports capture a wide range of information in a concise and easy-to-read format.




As a client, you are also provided with a secure, online portal where you can track all your investments – not just those that you have with Newpark. Your complete financial picture including; 401(K)s, college funds, and private equity investments are available to you anytime and the data is updated on a daily basis.