Newpark Wealth Management clients look to us to help them make smarter decisions with their money.

We serve as a Fiduciary for our clients offering sound advice, and unbiased guidance for every part of their financial lives. Our clients know Newpark will raise questions they may not have thought to ask – and consider consequences they may not have foreseen.

Ultimately, Newpark Wealth Management developed the PEER™ Planning Process to help clients achieve meaningful, long-term results through:

  • Maximizing After-Tax Investment Returns
  • Protecting their Wealth
  • Minimizing Taxes
  • Efficient Charitable Gifting

This process starts with a conversation, and results in implementing personalized strategies that help you reach your goals.


PEER™ Wealth Management Process

Because you don’t know what your utility bill will be in 20 years, the PEER™ Wealth Management is an ongoing process – not a one time event.

  1. PLAN an Investment Policy Statement that understands your individual wants, needs, goals, and timetables.
  2. EXECUTE your plan with 100% commitment to achieving your long-term results.
  3. EVALUATE your progress on a regular basis and determine the small refinements needed to most effectively accomplish your goals.
  4. RELEASE control of short-term results and stay committed to the process.

Newpark’s PEER™ Wealth Process helps you focus on the one and only thing that matters in your 30 year retirement – maintaining your lifestyle and living with dignity.



The PEER™ Wealth Management Process is based on the following fundamentals:

The economy cannot be forecast and future relative market performance is random. These short-term variables however, are ultimately irrelevant to successful investing.

There is no lasting financial success without a comprehensive Financial Plan – available only through an educated, and experienced Wealth Manager.

The greatest impact on the outcome of a person’s long-term investments is their ability to stick with a well thought out Financial Plan. An empathetic, but candid, Wealth Manager empowers clients to stay committed their plan in times of great stress – resulting in positive long-term financial outcomes.