Newpark Wealth Management is Fee Only and adheres to the fiduciary standard.

Your interests come first.

No commissions, no hidden fees and representing no one but you.


As a client you’ll notice how your experience with Newpark Wealth is personalized for you.

To deliver personal service and solutions, we first listen to you and ask a lot of questions. It is essential that we understand the plans that you have for your money and your future.

As a result, your date and dollar specific financial plan reflects your individual needs, wants, goals and timetables – helping you reach your goals.


You have one opportunity to get your Financial Plan correct. To do so, you must achieve meaningful results in your portfolio.

Newpark’s Investment Process is Evidence Based, low-cost, and harness the power of the markets.

Above all the Newpark’s investments are research driven and rules based. This disciplined approach minimizes emotional decisions – ultimately helping you stay committed to your financial plan.


A personal relationship is the cornerstone of your Newpark Wealth Management experience.

By design, Newpark serves a limited number of families, primarily in Park City. As such, we provide personalized service, expertise and the resources necessary to handle your financial issues.

When addressing financial matters – we communicate in plain language. Time is taken to explain the implication that decisions have on your Financial Plan. This allows our clients to feel engaged and in control.

Newpark delivers easy to read client reports that clearly show how your portfolio measures up to the goals that you have set for your Financial Plan.

Newpark also provides an Online Client Portal you can access any time to view all your assets in one place – even those not managed by Newpark.


You want to believe that your trusted advisor is acting in your best interests.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Newpark Wealth Management is bound by the Fiduciary Standard and decisions are made solely for the benefit of the client.

Newpark is 100% independent, and not owned by a Wall Street bank or insurance company. As a result, your interests interests are the top priority.

Newpark builds client relationships with open and frequent communication, proactive service and timely responses.