Matthew Seppanen, CFP® founded Newpark
Wealth Management with one simple question

“What is best for each client ?”

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You expect superior money management to help you reach your goals.

Our client portfolios are diversified to help you harness the power of markets, minimize taxes and maximize wealth.

  • US, International, and Emerging Market stocks
  • High-quality bonds
  • Alternative investments (when appropriate)

Above all, investments are paired with personalized Financial Plans to help clients stay committed to their investment strategies.


Empathy isn’t a word you typically associate with Wealth Management.

Your Financial Planner must have the ability to understand the feelings that you have about money – while guiding you through the ups and downs of investing.

Because Newpark approaches things differently, we listen, get to know you, and work to understand your financial values….

That is empathy.


You need to know what you are invested in and why.

For that reason, Newpark Wealth Management presents information in an understandable way.

From Newpark’s conversations with you; to the simple, but complete, reporting of your account – our communication is straightforward and easy to understand.

So you can make smart decisions with your money.